Escape From New Jersey the game.




The infamous Escape From New Jersey game is back!

Package includes

One 18"×24" laminated playing board!
Four tokens!
One die!
A tube!
Two tube caps!

Every order includes a postage label with your name and address printed right on it!

Each Game board has the original Escape from New Jersey! game on one side and the Zombie version on the other.

What is it?
It's a parody of those old fashioned 80's party games.
If you are a heavy drinker, it could be an actual party game.

Now you don't have to live in New Jersey to know how hard it is to leave!
Get hooked on heroin, go to rehab, pulled over, thrown in jail, pay fines, get stuck in traffic circles, pay tolls and much, much more.

Hours and hours of frustrating fun!
Almost impossible to win!
2-100 players!
No pieces to lose!
Waterproof (beer proof) game board!