Odd Tales book 4 The Snow Prince




The only non rhyming Odd Tales book in the series. A story of greed, murder and cabbage. Badly drawn and printed in glorious black and white.

All Ages!

Here's a review

This is Vincent's best work, by far. Remember the Fractured Fairy Tales, we used to get while watching Underdog and Bulwinkle cartoons? This book would fit right in with them. The Snow Fairy visits the Prince and his brothers every year, and one of the five youngsters is granted a wish. However, last year's grantee realizes that his wish was stupid and wants a do-over; his wish now is to become a real, live boy. Unfortunately, he has to wait four more years, unless he decides to eliminate his brothers. Of course, such wrongdoing is never rewarded in the way anyone hopes. Vincent really scores with this simple and moralistic tale. Recommended for young and old alike. ---Marc Mason-Movie PoopShoot.com